12" Slicing Knife | Daimyo Series

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Elevate your culinary prowess with the Kyoku Daimyo Series 12" slicing knife. Crafted from Japanese 440C stainless steel, it ensures durability. Its scalpel-like edge effortlessly slices meat, vegetables, and fruits. The dimples reduce friction and sticking. With a comfortable Rosewood handle and elegant mosaic pin, it's a blend of style and functionality. Includes a sheath for storage. Perfect for professional chefs and home cooks. Experience the Kyoku Daimyo 12" slicing knife today!


  • Material: Japanese 440C Stainless Steel, Rosewood
  • Rockwell Hardness: 59-60
  • Blade Length: 12 in. (29.9 cm)
  • Overall Length: 16.7 in. (42.4 cm)
  • Edge Angle: 13–15°
  • Net Weight: 7.3 oz. (208 g)
  • Warranty: Lifetime

What are slicing knives used for?

  • Meat slicing: Slicing knives excel at cutting through cooked or roasted meats with precision and ease. Their long, narrow blades create thin, uniform slices of meat, making them ideal for serving perfectly portioned cuts.

  • Poultry carving: When it comes to carving poultry, such as turkey or chicken, a slicing knife is invaluable. Its sharp, thin blade allows for clean and controlled cuts, ensuring beautiful slices of tender meat.

  • Bread slicing: Slicing knives are often used to slice bread, including crusty artisan loaves or soft sandwich bread. The long, serrated blade glides through the bread without compressing or tearing it, resulting in neat and even slices.

  • Delicate fruits and vegetables: Slicing knives are suitable for slicing delicate fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes or citrus fruits. The sharp, thin blade enables precise cuts without crushing or bruising the produce.

  • Fish filleting: Slicing knives can also be used for filleting fish. The flexible blade and sharp edge allow for precise and controlled cuts along the fish's flesh, ensuring clean fillets.

  • Charcuterie presentation: Slicing knives are often used in charcuterie presentations, allowing for thin and elegant slices of cured meats, cheeses, or other delicacies.



Sharpened to a 13 to 15 degree edge, it delivers exceedingly precise cuts ideal for peeling vegetables, mincing herbs, coring fruit, deveining shrimp, and more with negligible resistance; the steel’s 59-60 HRC strength provides unrivaled performance, superior corrosion resistance, and exceptional edge retention


The rosewood handle with its signature mosaic pin withstands cold, heat, corrosion, and moisture; the provided sheath and case allow you to preserve and store your knife with the cleanliness and care it deserves


This knife’s meticulous craftsmanship provides you the perfect shape and weight distribution needed for well-balanced operation, preventing fatigue and cramp even in professional settings requiring extended sessions of use


Japanese 440C stainless steel

The steel has been vacuum heat treated and paired with a perfectly balanced rosewood handle to offer superior precision and control to home chefs and culinary professionals.