7" Santoku Knives 440C Steel | Daimyo Series

$29.99 USD $45.99


A perfect fusion of tradition and technology, this 7-inch Santoku knife is manufactured with vacuum-heated Japanese stainless steel to ensure outstanding durability. Thanks to its scalpel-like 13–15 degree edge, it combines the best features of a chef’s knife and a cleaver to slice with minimal resistance, making it perfect for cutting meat, fish, vegetables, and more with meticulously exact precision. The 440C steel’s 59-60 Rockwell hardness provides unrivaled performance, superior corrosion resistance, and exceptional edge retention.

The durable rosewood handle is impervious to heat, cold, dust, and moisture while also boasting great comfort and perfect balance, preventing fatigue and cramp even when handling reunions, housewarmings, showers, and more. No detail is amiss, with a touch of elegance from the unique mosaic pin in the center of the handle. This beautiful piece of kitchen equipment comes complete with its own sheath and case to preserve and store it with care.


  • Material: 440C Steel, Rosewood
  • Color: Rosewood
  • Rockwell Hardness: 59-60
  • Blade Dimensions: 6.9 x 1.7 x 0.08 in. (17.6x4.4x0.2 cm)
  • Blade Angle: 13-15°
  • Overall Length: 11.8 in. (30 cm)
  • Net Weight: 7.8 oz. (220 g)
  • Warranty: Lifetime


Kyoku draws from the samurai's legacy, creating affordable high-end Japanese cutlery for chefs and home cooks worldwide with a passion for culinary creativity.