Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears with Cover

$26.99 USD


The handle of the kitchen shears is made of aluminum alloy, and the blade is made of stainless steel. The front part of the shears is designed with a sharp area, which is specially used to cut soft objects (like paper and fish fins). The second half of the scissors is a powerful cutting area that is specially used to cut hard objects. 

Two pattern lock designs can support your heavy-duty scissors under different conditions. In the locked mode, safety is maximized to prevent accidental opening of the incision. In heavy cutting work, the spring-loaded mode can reduce the pressure on the hand.

This type of kitchen shears is divided into a sharp cutting area and a bone cutting area; the sharp cutting area is designed with serrations, the cutting edge of the tooth saw is sharper, and the food and the cutting edge are more suitable for non-slip. The bone shear zone is designed with curvature. The arc will make the hard objects easier to hold and anti-slip. At the same time, using the spring-loaded mode, you will work faster and with less effort.

Kitchen shears uses

Kitchen shears, also known as kitchen scissors or kitchen snips, are a versatile tool in the kitchen. They are designed for various cutting and trimming tasks and offer convenience and precision. Here are some common uses for kitchen shears:

1. Cutting poultry: Kitchen shears are excellent for cutting through poultry, such as chicken or turkey. They can easily trim off excess fat, remove the backbone, or spatchcock a whole bird.

2. Trimming herbs: Kitchen shears are perfect for snipping fresh herbs. They allow for precise and quick trimming, whether you need to remove leaves from stems or finely chop herbs directly into a dish.

3. Opening packaging: Kitchen shears can safely and efficiently open food packaging, such as bags, plastic wrap, or food containers. They provide an alternative to using a knife and reduce the risk of accidental injury.

4. Snipping bacon or deli meats: When slicing bacon or deli meats, kitchen shears can be handy for cutting them into smaller pieces or trimming off excess fat.

5. Cutting pizza: Kitchen shears make it easy to slice through pizza without damaging the toppings or the pan. They can also be used to cut quesadillas, flatbreads, or other similar dishes.

6. Removing fish scales: If you're preparing whole fish, kitchen shears can help remove scales from the skin. They make the process quicker and neater than using a knife.

7. Cutting vegetables: Kitchen shears can be used to cut various vegetables, such as green onions, scallions, or chives, directly into a dish. They are also useful for snipping off the ends of green beans or asparagus.

8. Trimming pastry or dough: When working with pastry or dough, kitchen shears can be used to trim excess or shape the edges. They provide more control than using a knife and can create decorative designs.