Moving out at my 20th, I got into cooking for a level of seriousness. Being a newbie, I wasn't familiar with cleaver, nakiri or so. What I need most is something that can help cut through most of the kitchen encounters. Thus I turned to a knife set block. Surprising it had all the job done so far and far exceed my expectations.

Let me run through my kitchen cutlery challenges with you: 

Chef Knife vs. Onions and Tomato

My first recipe is a fresh salad including onions, and I already see what I am lacking. A proper chef knife! My mom once recommended Nakiri knives, saying they work great with vegetables. But it took me a while to get used to the rectangle blade. So I still go with traditional Chef Knife. A sharp knife which cuts quickly and effectively definitely shortens the time spent on an onion!


Paring Knife vs. Apple and Oranges

I would also love some fruits in my diet and sometimes in my salad to change thing up. That's where our paring knife comes in to peel apples and oranges easily(Hey man, no judging. This is what my parents do). A paring knife is mush for peeling fruit safely because the shorter blade will be a lot easier to control than a utility knife, lowing the possibility of cutting myself.

Bread Knife vs. Bread

My mom has always been a big fan of homemade bakery so I learned how to make bread in house. I am getting ready for my classic chicken sandwich recipe. Some flower, yeast, eggs, water and heat later, bread is baked. What will be better than a proper bread knife against a fresh baked bread? 

Freshly made bread

Boning Knife vs. Chick Thigh

People mostly put deli meat in their sandwiches but I would prefer pan fried chicken thigh because its tenderness. I sometime use chicken beast if I want to go full healthy mode. I use boning knife to cut along side of the bone and the meat come off easily with a few tries. It is easier than I think with a handy tool. 

Utility Knife vs. Chick Sandwich 

 After the delicious sandwich or any other cook food is done. If you need to cut it or process it further, I would recommend to have a separate knife for cutting cooked food for sanitation reason. For me, utility knife is the perfect knife for the job. Its also a jack-of-all-trades knife so it can be the chef knife for cooked food. 


If you happen to be a starter like me, equip yourself with a knife set block would definitely save you time and effort.

Here's a choice for you to consider:
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