Summer is currently underway, and everyone can smell the sweet savor of the mangoes! But have you heard of honey mangoes? This kind of mango originates from Mexico and is famous for its sweet and tropical taste. To better help you enjoy this delicious fruit, this guide will explore how to cut a honey mango like a professional. Come to enjoy your honey mango easily with our guide now!

What is a Honey Mango?

Honey mango is also called Ataulfo mango in Mexico. This kind of mango isn't as big or round as its relatives. It often has fewer fibers in its flesh and more flesh than the pit, making each bite a tasty treat. You can find the best and most tasty mangoes within the months between March and July because they are in season. The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property protects this kind of mango. It's kind of like how "Champagne'' is protected in France.

What is a Honey Mango?

How to Cut a Honey Mango: A Step-By-Step Guide

A honey mango can be quite slippery, making it tricky to cut. But with knowledge of a good strategy, and with the right tools, the process of cutting a honey mango can be quite fun and easy. Make sure you have a sharp knife like a chef’s knife, a spoon, and a cutting board. Now you can follow these steps to cut your honey mangoes: 

How to Cut a Honey Mango

1. Prepare the Honey Mango

Clean your honey mangoes thoroughly and locate its stem end and the bottom.

2. Halve the Honey Mango

Use the chef’s knife to cut the honey mango in half vertically, about half an inch from the middle. Do the same thing with the other flat side of the honey mango. You should have two big halves of honey mango now. 

3. Score the Flesh

Lay one mango half with the skin side down. Make cross-shaped cuts through the flesh with the sharp chef's knife, being careful not to penetrate the skin. Repeat this method with the other half of the honey mango. With this scoring method, it's easy to get the mango cubes out later.

How to Cut a Honey Mango: A Step-By-Step Guide

4. Take the mango cubes out with a Spoon

Use a spoon to remove the mango cubes from the skin. The crisscross design that has already been scored will make this process easy and smooth.

5. Deal with the Pit

The middle part may still have some flesh around the pit. If you want to waste as little as possible, you can use a paring knife to cut off the remaining flesh. 

6. Enjoy Your Honey Mango

With this method, you'll now get the most taste out of your honey mango. You can eat them as a snack, mix them into a fruit salad, make smoothies with them, or put them on top of yogurt or ice cream for dessert. 

How to Cut a Honey Mango: A Step-By-Step Guid

Knife Recommendations for Cutting Honey Mango

The importance of high-quality tools in cutting honey mangoes is evident. Here are some knife recommendations for you:


This 8-inch Gyuto Chef's Knife of the Shogun Series is made from durable Damascus steel and can be used for a wide range of kitchen jobs. Its tang's beautiful hammered coating also shows off its high-quality craftsmanship. With effortless skill, the sharp edge of this chef knife can easily cut through fruit like honey mango.


You will be amazed at how long this 8-inch chef's knife can last because it was carefully made from Japanese high-carbon steel. Its ergonomic and comfy Pakkawood handle also makes it easy to hold, and the beautiful mosaic pin gives this professional-grade tool a touch of class. With little resistance, it can easily cut through fruits, veggies, and meat.


Our 3.5" Paring Knife of the Shogun series is a must-have for cooks who want the right balance of power and versatility. The blade of this cutting knife is made of stainless steel and its handle is made of G-10 fiberglass. It is helpful for peeling, slicing, and fine details. Enjoy making precise cuts with this useful paring knife!

In summary, not only will learning how to cut a honey mango improve your cooking skills, but it also lets you enjoy this foreign fruit in its most delicious form. If you follow the steps in this guide, from choosing the right tools to cutting them perfectly, you'll be able to handle honey mangoes like a professional. Remember the steps in this guide, and come to enjoy your honey mangoes now!

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