Cucumber and sushi is a perfect combination. Today, we will focus on cucumber, this simple but important ingredient, exploring two different ways to prepare cucumbers for sushi. Whether you are a seasoned sushi cook or just interested in food, learning the tips in this guide can improve your sushi-making skills.

How to Pick a Good Cucumber?

The process of making the best sushi starts all the way from the market, not in the kitchen. Picking the right cucumber is vital as the cucumber changes the taste and balance of moisture in the sushi rolls. To always choose the best cucumber, do these things:

  1. Firmness: Pick cucumbers that feel hard to the touch. When you press on a good cucumber, it should not give much. This means it is fresh and crisp. Soft spots or bloating often indicate that something is starting to rot.
  2. Color: A good cucumber has a uniform dark green color. Avoid cucumbers that have yellow spots or are too pale. These are signs that they are old or haven't been stored properly.
  3. Smell: Fresh cucumbers are usually odorless. If a cucumber has an unpleasant smell, it may have started to sour, which could make your sushi taste bad.
  4. Skin: The cucumber's skin should be smooth and free of spots. Wrinkled skin usually means that it has lost water and become less crisp.
How to Pick a Good Cucumber?

Tools Needed for Cutting Cucumber for Sushi

Getting the right tools ready before you start cutting will make the process go more smoothly and make sure your cucumber slices are perfect for sushi. These are three important tools you'll need:

    1. A Sharp Santoku Knife: The Santoku knife is famous for its versatility. It is great for making even slices of cucumber and for preparing salmon and other popular sushi ingredients. 
  1. A Vegetable Peeler: One thing you cannot afford to lack in your kitchen is a peeler. Choose one that is sharp enough and easy to hold. You should choose a peeler that is easy to hold and sharp enough.
  2. Cutting Board: Pick a cutting board that is strong and won't slip. 

How to Cut Cucumber for Sushi:Method 1

Once you have selected the ideal cucumber, it is time to prepare it for your sushi rolls. For the first method, we will cut the cucumber into long, thin strips that are great for making sushi rolls the original way.

How to Cut Cucumber for Sushi:Method 1

Step 1: Cleaning and Peeling

To start, wash your cucumber thoroughly to get rid of dirt or chemicals. If you don’t like the taste of the cucumber skin, you can peel the skin off in long and downward strokes with a sharp peeler. This depends on your preference.

Step 2: Cutting the Cucumber to the Right Length

Measure and cut the cucumber to just over the length of a nori sheet—a little more than 4 inches. This ensures that the cucumber goes all the way along the roll, so the taste and texture are spread out evenly.

Step 3: Taking Out the Seeds

Carefully take out the seeds from the cucumber. This is a very important step because the seeds can mess up the clean lines of your sushi rolls and add moisture that you don't want.

Step 4: Slicing

Lastly, cut the cucumber lengthwise into thin strips about 3/8 inch thick. The strips should be the same length so that they can roll up nicely and keep the sushi's intact structure.

How to Cut Cucumber for Sushi:Method 2

If you want to add something nice and special to your sushi, making cucumber-wrapped sushi rolls can be a good idea. To make these cute sushi rolls, you can follow these steps.

How to Cut Cucumber for Sushi:Method 2

Step 1: Prepare the Cucumber

For this method, the English cucumber is best because it is usually seedless and has the right length and width for sushi rolls. Wash the cucumber well to get rid of dirt or dust first.

Step 2: Peeling (Optional)

If you don’t like the taste of the cucumber’ skin, just peel it off with the peeler. If you don’t mind and even want to add a green color to your sushi rolls, just skip this step. 

Step 3: Slice with Your Peeler

Carefully cut off the ends of the cucumber. Lay the cucumber out flat on the cutting board. Slide the vegetable peeler carefully along the cucumber to make long and thin slices. Make sure that every slice is uniform so that you can roll them all the same way.

Step 4: Final Slice with Your Knife

After you get long and thin slices of cucumber, you can now place ingredients on them and begin to roll up. Once the rolling process finishes, carefully use your knife to cut the long roll in half and halve again until you get your even size. 

How to Cut Cucumber for Sushi:Method 2

Best Recommendations for Tools in Cutting Cucumbers 

Having the right tools can make all the difference in your sushi preparation. After learning the precise techniques of cutting cucumbers for sushi, you can see how useful a high-quality peeler and knife are in the process. Here are some top recommendations for tools that you shouldn’t miss:


This vegetable peeler will help you improve your cooking. Its blades are made from stainless steel, so they last long and stay sharp. It also has an anti-cut design, allowing you to use it smoothly and safely.

2.   7" Japanese Santoku Knives Damascus Steel | Shogun Series

The 7" Japanese Santoku Knife of the Shogun Series is a versatile kitchen knife that can be used for many cuttings. It is made of 67 layers of stainless Damascus steel, which makes it very sharp. It also has a flat edge that keeps food from sticking, making cutting easy and quick.

3.   7" Santoku Knife VG10 Damascus Steel | Gin Series

The 7" Santoku Knife of the Gin Series is made of Japanese VG-10 steel, making it sharp and durable. Its blade is covered with ionic silver. This can help it get ideal hygienic performance. The ergonomic fiberglass handle and beautiful mosaic pin also make it more elegant and stylish. 

In summary, the cucumber is one of the most useful ingredients you can use and each roll of sushi can be a work of art. Whether you like traditional sushi rolls or want to try something new by rolling up cucumbers, learning how to cut cucumbers can make you have a better experience in the kitchen. Come to try these two methods of making delicious sushi rolls now!

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