4-Piece Non-Serrated Steak Knife Set | Samurai Series

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No gourmet steak is complete without comparable steak knives. This set of 4 Kyoku steak knives is made with high-grade Ichiban Japanese steel and paired with a stunning Pakkawood handle to deliver an ultra-pleasant experience.

The super-sharp blade cuts through steak like a charm without disturbing its texture or flavor. All blades of Kyoku knives are then nitrogen-cooled for ultimate hardness, flexibility, and corrosion resistance. Get one now and enjoy.


  • Deluxe Ichiban Japanese Steel

KYOKU Silver Series knives feature ultra-luxurious Ichiban Japanese steel to maximize the benefits of both materials. Tempered to the ideal grade of hardness, the blade is strong enough to hold a lasting edge and flexible enough not to crack even under extreme pressure.

  • Sharp and Well-balanced Blade

Our steak knives have a slightly curved blade edge, suitable for cutting through juicy gourmet steaks without disturbing the flavor and texture.

The Pakkawood handle is super ergonomic and provides a comfortable grip when you are cutting.

  • Durable One-Piece Construction

Precisely cut from a single piece of ultra-sturdy high-carbon steel imported from Japan, along with the handle, the stunning "Full Tang" is blessed with the strongest of the tang types for exceptional durability and control.

  • Incredible and Lasting Sharpness

Ruthlessly sharp scalpel-like edges are handcrafted by seasoned artisans to a mirror polish at 13–15°per side using the ancient 3-step Honbazuke method and married to sophisticated bleeding edge technology. Each blade is then nitrogen-cooled for ultimate hardness, flexibility, and corrosion resistance performance.

  •  Lifetime Warranty

No premium knife is complete without a lifetime warranty. Our masterpiece knife is fully covered for life, with a free exchange or return if the item is defective.

high-carbon steel Japanese cleaver knife


Manufactured with high-carbon steel, this Japanese cleaver knife boasts unrivaled performance and incredible edge retention.


triple-riveted Pakkawood handle


The meticulously constructed, triple-riveted Pakkawood handle has gone through special treatment, making the knife impervious to heat, cold, and moisture.

knife's ruthlessly sharp


Seasoned artisans handcraft the knife's ruthlessly sharp edge to a mirror polish at 26-30° per side. This is achieved using the traditional 3-step Honbazuke method. The knife is treated for incredible hardness, flexibility, and corrosion resistance.

Straight blade ensures the knife slices through food with ease


The straight blade ensures the knife slices through food with ease while alleviating fatigue and finger pains from long periods of slicing or chopping, perfectly blending control and comfort.


Kyoku draws from the samurai's legacy, creating affordable high-end Japanese cutlery for chefs and home cooks worldwide with a passion for culinary creativity.


1. What materials are used in the Samurai Knife series?

Our Samurai Knife series is made from high-carbon Japanese steel and is nitrogen-cooled for maximum strength and durability.

2. What types of knives are included in the Samurai Knife series?

The series includes Japanese Cleaver and Nakiri knives, serrated and non-serrated Japanese Steak Knives, and a versatile Japanese Chef Knife.

3. What are the uses of the Japanese Cleaver and Nakiri knives?

Japanese Cleaver and Nakiri knives are designed to meet your needs in every scenario, whether chopping vegetables, slicing meat, or performing intricate cuts.

4. How can the Japanese Steak Knives enhance my BBQ experience?

Our serrated and non-serrated Japanese Steak Knives are perfect for BBQs, offering precise and effortless cutting of all types of meat.

5. What if I am unsure which knife to choose?

If you're unsure which knife to choose, our Japanese Knife Block Set provides a comprehensive selection of essential knives, ensuring you have the right tool for any kitchen task.

6. Can I build a career with these knives?

Absolutely! Our Samurai Knife series is not just a collection of kitchen tools; they are crafted to professional standards, making them suitable for building a culinary career.