Cleaver Chef Knife Sets

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The Cleaver Chef Knife Sets provide a powerful cutting duo for your kitchen. This set contains a 7-inch cleaver and an 8-inch chef's knife, enabling you to chop, slice, and mince with ease. Whether you're cutting meat, vegetables, or chopping bones, this dynamic set has you covered.

Details on the 7-inch Cleaver:
  • Sturdy, thick blade perfect for chopping bones
  • razor-sharp edge and wide blade for fast prep
  • Durable Japanese high carbon steel with excellent edge retention
  • Pakkawood handle designed for strength and balance
  • protective finger guard for safety
This muscular cleaver makes light work of cutting through meat and bones. Its premium German steel retains a keen edge, so you can chop confidently. The full tang provides heft and balance for tireless chopping.

Details on the 8-inch Chef's Knife:
  • multipurpose workhorse for slicing, dicing, and mincing
  • precise tapered tip for detailed work
  • ergonomic handle for comfort and control
  • hand sharpened for an impeccably sharp edge
This all-purpose chef's knife delivers incredible versatility and comfort. It tackles ingredient prep with speed and dexterity, while the triple-riveted handle ensures a secure, slip-free grip. Razor sharp and beautifully balanced, it's the ultimate kitchen multitasker.

With the Cleaver Chef Knife Sets, you'll have a powerful, reliable cutting duo that makes food prep easy and enjoyable. Chop and slice with confidence using these high-quality Japanese knives designed to last.