Shogun Kiritsuke Knife + Shogun Cleaver Knife

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Equip your kitchen with our Shogun collection's core knives, the Chef's Knife and Nakiri. Handcrafted in Japan, this dynamic duo makes food prep elegant and efficient.

The 8" chef's knife delivers expert-level precision with its thin, tapered blade of VG10 Damascus steel. Effortlessly slice, dice, and mince, while the Pakkawood handle provides comfort and control.

The wide 6.5" Nakiri knife is ideal for fast vegetable chopping. Its flat profile and razor-sharp edge powered through tomatoes, peppers, onions, and more. The textured Japanese oak handle gives a steady grip.

Blades are hand-sharpened using Honbazuke techniques to achieve an incredible 16° angle. Single-bevel construction pairs with ultra-slim cores for peerless performance.

Whether you're a home cook or a seasoned chef, these Japanese knives will elevate your skills. Their beauty and craftsmanship belie their sheer versatility and durability.

Make meal prep enjoyable, not tedious, with the combined efficiency of our Shogun Chef's Knife and Nakiri Knife. Purchase the set today to revolutionize your kitchen.