Nakiri Bread Knife Sets

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The Nakiri Bread Knife Sets are a set of two-style knives that fulfill different cooking needs. The set includes a 7-inch Nakiri knife and a 10-inch bread knife. Whether it's chopping vegetables, slicing bread, or other purposes, these knives can provide professional-level cutting performance and are indispensable helpers in the kitchen.

Details of the Nakiri knife:
  • 7-inch Japanese-style knife with Pakkawood blade design
  • Japanese high-carbon Carbon Steel material is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean
  • The cryogenically treated steel has a 56–68 Rockwell hardness for unrivaled performance, corrosion resistance, and edge retention.
  • 13–15° Edge Angle
The Nakiri knife adopts the traditional 7-inch Japanese design with a wide blade and high-carbon stainless steel material, which can easily process all kinds of vegetables and fruits. The double-sided sharpened edge makes it both sharp and easy to maintain, making it a must-have helper in the kitchen.

Details of the bread knife:
  • 10-inch-long blade design
  • serrated wavy blade, effortlessly cutting through bread crusts
  • high-carbon stainless steel, highly corrosion-resistant
  • ergonomic handle to prevent accidental finger cuts
The 10-inch bread knife has a unique serrated wavy blade that can easily slice through the surface of breads. Whether it's a French baguette or a Turkish loaf, this knife can help you achieve perfect slices. The ergonomic handle design also ensures safety when slicing bread.

Purchase the Nakiri Bread Knife Sets, and you can own professional tools for chopping vegetables and slicing bread. The high-quality blade material and easy-to-maintain design make them the best helpers in your kitchen. Chopping vegetables and slicing bread are no longer difficult. Shop now!