Circular Hamburger Meat Press

$25.99 USD


Tired of uneven, misshapen burgers that fall apart on the grill? Our Circular Hamburger Meat Press is the ultimate solution for pressing meat patties to pure burger perfection.

This sturdy metal press features a wide, circular base. By applying even pressure, it compresses patties to an ideal thickness so they cook through evenly—no more raw centers or overdone edges.

The smooth round shape also forms patties into a perfect circle with crispy edges to cradle your favorite toppings.

A non-stick coating prevents meat chunks from clinging to the surface, while convenient diameter markings allow you to portion meat for consistently sized results.


  • Circular Shape

The wide, round shape allows you to fully compress patties to an optimal consistency. No more ragged edges that fall apart or thin centers that overcook.

  • Non-Stick Surface

A smooth, flat bottom ensures patties seamlessly release after compression. No tearing or losing chunks of meat that disrupt texture.

  • Marked Diameter Guides

Handy circle markings in standard sizes allow you to quickly portion balls of meat for consistent sizing. No hassle trying to shape freehand.

  • Even Weight Distribution

Solid metal construction provides sturdy, balanced weight to evenly apply pressure across the whole patty surface as you press down. Prevents localized overcompression.

  • Thickness Control

The height of the surrounding outer rim dictates how thin or thick your patties will be. Ours is optimized at 1/2 inch for heat conduction.

The circular shape and non-stick, measurement-equipped design work together to remove the guesswork and issues around unevenly shaped burgers that fall apart or cook inconsistently.