Stainless Steel oyster shucker

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This oyster shucker is forged from 2.5mm stainless steel and is not easy to bend or break. Its strong, sharp blade can easily open the shell of oyster clams.

Shucking knife with wood grain handle, tail hanging hole design, easy to store Clam shucking can be used to open the shells of a variety of seafood scallops, oysters, fresh oysters, abalone, etc.

Whether enjoying a seafood shellfish dinner with your family at home or attending a seafood barbecue oyster shucking is a good choice.


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Length: 170mm

What is an oyster shucker?

Shucking oysters can be difficult. The oysters close tightly, and an oyster shucker can help. An oyster shucker is a durable tool that quickly opens oyster shells. They are usually made of stainless steel, but plastic or wood ones are also available. The shucker tool slides into the hinge seam and opens the oyster shell. Some shuckers have a guard on the handle to prevent your hand from slipping onto the sharp shell if it pops unexpectedly.

Using a shucker makes it quicker and safer to get to the good parts of the oyster, especially for those who regularly eat them. However, it takes practice to get good at using the tool. Even experienced shuckers should wear a cut-proof glove. Shucking oysters can be tough, but a quality tool can make it easy. With a good oyster shucker, you can enjoy delicious oysters in their shells or serve them to your guests.