Semi-automatic Egg Whisk

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Whisk airy, fluffy textures effortlessly with this semi-automatic egg whisk. The durable 403 stainless steel 10-wire head incorporates more air for lofty meringues and whipped cream. Press the button to activate the motorized beater heads that spin at optimized speeds for voluminous peaks and batters. Control mixing speed and consistency with manual settings. The non-slip handle provides a comfortable grip when blending by hand. Whether beating eggs or mixing vinaigrettes, this versatile electric whisk makes prep fast and efficient.


  • Made from sturdy 430 stainless steel that is rust-resistant and oil-repellent, this kitchen tool can be used directly on food.
  • The fine craftsmanship of the embedded steel wire allows for even mixing without scratching your vessel.
  • The lengthened anti-skid handle has a smooth and bright surface, making it comfortable to hold and easy to grip.


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