Unisex Kitchen Apron Cooking

$19.98 USD


This apron is made from 100% polyester for high quality and durability. It is machine washable, colorfast, waterproof, comfortable, and resistant to wear and aging for a longer lifespan. All edges are professionally hemmed. This apron is free from harmful chemicals and safe for you and your family.

The perfect-size apron measures 20.4 inches wide by 28.3 inches long. It has an adjustable neck strap and long tie-backs, so you can customize the fit as needed for most people.

The generous coverage protects your clothes from kitchen grease splatters, spills, and stains, so you stay clean. Note: Do not place the apron near any heated cookware or flames.

This lovely apron is great for home chefs, professional chefs, waiters, workers, painters, and more. It's a wonderful gift idea for Christmas, birthdays, dinner parties, Mother's Day, and so on.


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